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Superficially, a roll of parchment paper looks like everyday waxed paper – but in fact there’s a world of difference. A specialized manufacturing process makes parchment paper ideal for a number of traditional French cooking methods that are relatively unknown in North American kitchens. The challenge: How to bridge this knowledge gap for consumers while at the same time promoting and elevating the product?

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We began the project with recommendations about language. First we advised a shift of brand name – from Chef’s Select to the more distinctive and focussed PaperChef.

Next, we invented the term culinary paper as a descriptor for the product line, which launched with parchment paper rolls but grew to include “en papillote” cooking bags, baking cups in various shapes and sizes, and pre-cut parchment sheets.

PaperChef’s visual identity is built for a distinctive and instantly recognizable shelf presence. The traditional red wax seal pays homage to the product’s roots in French culture and cuisine, while the vibrant colours and contemporary typography ensure that the product sits comfortably in upscale North American kitchens.

At its best, branding reveals and creates value.

We also developed a positioning – “The Art of Cooking with Parchment” – that elevates the product from a commodity into the gourmet lifestyle category.

Dramatic food photography is a feature of all the packaging and collateral materials. It reinforces the “well-travelled” aesthetic that is central to PaperChef’s positioning and visual identity.

The PaperChef brand, at its core, encourages experimentation with cooking and the appreciation of simple foods prepared well. We conveyed this brand narrative through a series of videos and recipe booklets, inviting consumers to engage with and develop loyalty for the brand.