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Nomura & Co.

For more than 70 years, Nomura & Co. has provided the best California sushi rice to markets across the United States and around the world. Facing an increasingly crowded marketplace, Nomura was looking for a way to differentiate itself and build awareness about its longstanding commitment to rice research and husbandry.

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Nomura has an interesting challenge. They distribute several brands of rice, including Kokuho Rose, a proprietary variety of premium sushi rice with international recognition, and Tsuru Mai, a market leading wholegrain rice. But Nomura as a name and brand was not well known.

Our first step was to develop a strong visual identity that represents Nomura’s Japanese lineage. In the first phase of this multi-year project we’ve developed a web presence for Nomura, which serves as a showcase for the new brand and a marketing platform for Nomura’s products. But its fundamental purpose is to honour a story that very few people have heard.

Nothing amplifies a brand more effectively than compelling imagery.

That’s why we presented Nomura’s rice research program as a photo essay, and used video to provide an up-close perspective on harvest time in the Sacramento Valley.