Bitters, sweet!

Compass360's love of spirits goes far past scotch and well into the realm of fancy cocktails, with some of us even dabbling in the fine art of mixology. So, colour us happy when Carroll & Co. came knocking at our door.

Music as energy.

At the end of 2013, we completed a project with our longtime friend David Mott, to bring three performances of his compositions for solo baritone saxophone to the internet airwaves.

Soulful, intense, gentle, unconventional, it is music with depth, but is above all - beautiful.

We shared this project with friends, clients and colleagues as a Festivus gift before we departed for the holidays - a final sentiment to close out a great year. Now, we share it here with you. Enjoy.

Visit and share in the experience.

The big picture.

Over the past three years, we've had the pleasure of helping our friends at Husson spread some holiday cheer by creating animated greeting cards that deliver warm, heartfelt messages to clients and friends of the firm. We always have a lot of fun developing these animated shorts, and every year they seem to get a little more elaborate – this year we even went as far as writing an original score for it.

Watch 2013's The Big Picture or last year's Come Together.

OAHAS rebranded.

In the summer, Compass360 had the pleasure of working together with OAHAS (Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy) to design a new identity and website. Here is a little bit about them, as stated on their site:

The Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy was implemented in 1995 and has consistently evolved since then to respond to the changing epidemic within the Aboriginal population. The Strategy has embraced two fundamental principles since its inception. The first being a recognition that OAHAS is a distinct strategy based on the distinct needs of Aboriginal people.

Business blossoms for PaperChef.

PaperChef is at it again. Not only do they offer traditional parchment rolls of the utmost quality, they've designed and curated a line of parchment products that not only aid in producing a perfect end result, but make it look great too.

A pop-up experience.

To coincide with the Beaches Jazz Festival, Bowers & Wilkins saw the opportunity to expose its high-end audio equipment to a new audience of music enthusiasts. Not yet a household name in Canada, B&W enlisted Compass360's help in planning and building a pop-up shop on the high-traffic Queen St. E, to create a showcase of their products and encourage exploration and hands-on testing.

Our new old website.

Do things look different around here?

The website you're looking at looks exactly like the last version of the website we released. 4 years ago. In Flash.

But this website is decidedly not Flash. It's responsive and adapts to your screen, crunching itself down to display the exact same content for mobile phones, and works beautifully on a tablet without compromises. The videos play natively in your browser/device, if at all possible. The fonts look identical. The portfolios are beautiful and fluid, just like before.

So, why even bother?

A look back at Christmas Eve in Nepal.

What's more fulfilling than being able to provide support to those in need? Seeing its effect from halfway across the world. The Nepal Orphans Home, a volunteer-driven orphanage which gives shelter and prosperity to the children who call it home, shared with us some heartwarming photos of this year's Christmas Eve celebration - including a beautiful display of the logo we helped them craft. A couple more photos after the jump.